International praise for AdegaMãe in Wine Enthusiast

International praise for AdegaMãe in Wine Enthusiast

Two AdegaMãe wines among 10 top Portuguese and 30 top worldwide in the June issue of Wine Enthusiast

Dory Reserve Red 2011 and Dory Reserve White 2013 awarded 92 points in the pages of the prestigious American magazine

The Dory range, the reference brand at AdegaMãe, also praised

Torres Vedras, May 28th, 2015

A few days from completing 5 years since it first opened its doors, AdegaMãe has just been bestowed with the greatest international recognition for its wine range. Its main brand — Dory — got a global thumbs-up in the June edition of the prestigious American magazine Wine Enthusiast. Editor and critic Roger Voss highlights the excellence of two high-end AdegaMãe wines — 2011 Dory Reserva Red and 2013 Dory Reserva White — and awards them 92 points, placing them among the 10 best Portuguese wines and the top 30 wines in the world.

Apart from the 92 points each of the wines earned (which grants them “Highly Recommended” status), Rover Voss highlighted the particular case of Dory 2011 Reserva Red, the single greatest award winning AdegaMãe wine (it also won, for instance, the Choice of the Portuguese Press award back in 2014) with the “Editor’s choice” distinction. But the recognition of AdegaMãe’s quality extended to the whole Dory range and went well beyond the reserves: both 2013 Colheita White and 2012 Colheita Red attained 88 points and proved worthy of the “Best buy” badge.

In the June issue of Wine Enthusiast, the Torres Vedras winery, a project of the Riberalves Group with winemakers Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes, was the only Lisbon Region producer to achieve 92 points with two wines.

“The international perception regarding the quality of Portuguese wines is raising rapidly. An extraordinary work has been developed in several national regions. The Lisbon Region, and AdegaMãe in particular, are both becoming part of this map of excellence. This recognition, awarded by a trendsetter magazine in the wine sector, makes us very proud and will definitely open doors for us”, says general manager at AdegaMãe Bernardo Alves.

Scores achieved in the Wine Enthusiast guide are given after blind tasting sessions, and seem even more important if we consider the price of the aforementioned AdegaMãe wines, which are considerably lower than those of other prized wines. Both Dory Reserva are sold for a recommended price of 12 euros, and the Colheita costs 4 euros. “This quality and this price reflect the concept we chose for AdegaMãe from the very beginning: to produce excellent wines that express the particularities of this region, while keeping the prices affordable for consumers. To feel we’re achieving that goal, and that we’re reaching out to people, makes us feel proud and motivated. We’re going to keep treading the same path”, says consultant Anselmo Mendes.

Diogo Lopes, winemaker at AdegaMãe, stresses the potential of the Torres Vedras winery that’s now starting to bear fruits from a deep work researching national and international grape varieties that best express the western terroir thus allowing the wines to convey new interpretations. “At heart these are Atlantic wines, packed with acidity and freshness, with a profile that can surprise customers. We’ve recently been to the United States and it was quite gratifying to witness the welcome our wines are getting there. We export 60% of our production and we believe in the medium term America will become our largest export market”, points out Diogo Lopes.

The Dory Range

Choice of the Portuguese Press and gold medal at the AWC Contest in Vienna, AdegaMãe’s Dory Reserva Red has been collecting all sorts of awards, establishing itself as a reference in the Lisbon Region, as well as one of the best red wines in the country. International praise in the pages of Wine Enthusiast magazine is another important approval of the quality of the 2011 blend (Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) with the signature of winemakers Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes, in a year that grapes proved to be excellent.

2011 Dory Reserva Red aside, Wine Enthusiast also awarded 92 points to 2013 Dory Reserva White, a wine that has undergone fermentation in 400 liter French Oak barrels. This blend discloses all the potential of the Lisbon Region and finds inspiration in the subtlety of Burgundy’s white wines. It is composed of Viosinho, Chardonnay, Alvarinho and Arinto grapes.

Wine Enthusiast eventually recognizes the Dory brand as a whole, awarding 88 points and the “Best buy” badge to harvests 2013 Dory White and 2012 Dory Red. The recommended price for these wines is about 4 euros and both have had consistent performances it their segments. 2013 Dory White — Arinto, Vioginier and Fernão Pires — holds true to AdegaMãe’s DNA and 2012 Dory Red — Syrah and Aragonez — fulfilled the same goal, asserting itself as a very modern and quite gastronomical wine.

2011 Dory Reserva // Tasting notes

Deep ruby color. A complex aroma, slightly floral, with hints of black fruit and wild berries. This is a profound, elegant wine on the palate, and also strongly tannic. Long and persistent finish.

Recommended retail price: 12 euros

2013 Dory Reserva White // Tasting notes

Enticing aromas, showing delicate floral notes, a vegetable hint and bursting with minerality. Barrel proves coherent in the ensemble. Unctuous on the palate, this is a rich wine balanced by remarkable acidity. Its toasty wood side resurfaces on the palate, making this a complex blend. Persistent on the finish.

Recommended retail price: 12 euros

2013 Dory Colheita White 2013 // Tasting notes
The nose is intensely perfumed of tropical and vegetable notes. A touch of minerality. Crisp, Atlantic and vibrant on the palate.

Recommended retail price: 4 euros

2012 Dory Colheita Red // Tasting notes
Bright ruby color. Intense aroma showing notes of black fruit and spices. Fine body on the palate with both presence and balance. Round, persistent finish.

Recommended retail price: 4 euros

On AdegaMãe
AdegaMãe opened its doors in 2011, the result of an investment in a new business segment by the Riberalves Group. It was presented as a tribute to matriarch Manuela Alves on behalf of the Alves family.

The concept of “Mãe” (mother) comes as an inspiration for a place of birth and creation; a place conceived to make the best of the best grapes and wines. Located in the Torres Vedras municipality, AdegaMãe shows a clear vocation for the production of unique wines due to its proximity to the sea and the influence of the Atlantic climate. AdegaMãe is also a wine tourism reference within the region. Its exclusive architecture and the variety of activities that take place around the vineyards and the wine itself make it stand out.

As part of the Riberalves Group, the Dory brand (inspired by the dories, old boats used by the Portuguese to fish cod) represents the main range of its wines. Nearly 60% of sales volume originates from exports.

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