Pinot Noir. The elegance of Burgundy in the new range of AdegaMãe red wines

Pinot Noir. The elegance of Burgundy in the new range of AdegaMãe red wines

Pinot Noir is the biggest news in the winter launch of the Torres Vedras winery. This launch also celebrates the return of the Touriga Nacional varietal and the new harvest of its greatest award-winning wine: Dory Reserva Red.

Experimenting with great national and international grape varieties along with the viticulture work developed on these vineyard slopes — further into the western hinterland, offering perfect conditions for an outstanding maturation — has granted AdegaMãe’s winemaking team access to grapes of extraordinary capacity that translate into exquisite wines of the highest quality. If the white wine AdegaMãe range is in itself a landmark, the truth is that the most award-winning wine from this Torres Vedras winery is a red, more precisely Dory Reserva. After all, this proves that quality is a trait in the AdegaMãe range as a whole. The new red wines that have just been launched on the market for the winter of 2015 are another step in that direction. And they brought something new: the debut of varietal Pinot Noir.

From the harvest and varieties that stood out in 2013, the Pinot Noir emerges. This wine is inspired in the elegance of the Burgundy variety, and it adds to a range that, on the other hand, will also witness the much-awaited return of the AdegaMãe varietal Touriga Nacional. Finally, the French inspiration will continue to be reinterpreted at AdegaMãe’s terroir through the familiar Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which were warmly welcomed by both critics and the market in previous iterations. A high-end wine closes the list of novelties: the 2012 Dory Reserva Red. This harvest blend doesn’t lack the courage to keep its place as the most award-winning wine at AdegaMãe.

The West Region and its terroir have shown surprising capacity when it comes to the adaptation of great grape varieties. Not always do these grapes find a way to express in every region. The experiences we’ve been conducting brought us very interesting and original interpretations of great wines. Once again, for this 2015 winter launch, we’re quite excited about the quality shown by these wines. The Lisbon Wine Region proves it can also set an example when it comes to red wine production”, states winemaker Diogo Lopes.

The strategy that allowed AdegaMãe to achieve excellence standards in the red wine production has translated, during the last five years, into the development of a partnership involving 80 hectares of vineyard located inwards in the Lisbon region in Alenquer. In this domain the Atlantic influence is combined with a greater continentality, allowing for better maturation of grapes. The result is a quite typical red wine profile in the Lisbon region: powerful wines balanced by its freshness. These are wines that display considerable gastronomic potential and that, in the case of AdegaMãe, have been given an outstanding reception both in national and international markets. Through this partnership, AdegaMãe assures the monitoring of all production stages. In the monitoring process, the contribution of consultant winegrower Amândio Cruz — a renowned specialist in viticulture that works closely with the AdegaMãe winemaking team — has proved decisive.

2013 AdegaMãe Cabernet Sauvignon || 8.5 euros*
Profound ruby color. Very intense aroma, all but chemical, showing vegetable peel and wild fruit notes. Spices and fine barrel. Medium-bodied wine supported by firm tannins and a pungent aftertaste.

Best paired with: red meat and game

2013 AdegaMãe Merlot || 8.5 euros*
Deep color. Displays notes of bell pepper, chocolate and ripe fruit. Very intense on the palate, with fine structure and accordingly present tannins. It delivers a long finish.

Best paired with: red meat and game

2013 AdegaMãe Touriga Nacional || 8.5 euros*
Deep ruby color. Floral aroma combining notes of violet and ripe fruit. Fine body, with both weight and structure. Rich and voluminous, its tannins lead to a complete and persistent finish.

Best paired with: roasts and cheese

2013 AdegaMãe Pinot Noir || 9.5 euros*
Medium-colored wine. Conveys intense wild berries aroma, with a sous-bois earthy hint and an international profile. Soft, elegant palate offers refined tannins.

Suggestion: pair with international cuisine and cheese.

2012 Dory Reserva Red || 12 euros*
Deep ruby color. Very complex aroma, slightly floral, with hints of black fruits and wild berries. This is a profound, elegant wine on the palate, and also firmly tannic. Long and persistent finish.

Suggestion: ideal pairing with red meat, roasts and game.

* Recommended retail price

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