AdegaMãe elected Company of the Year in the wine sector

AdegaMãe elected Company of the Year in the wine sector

  • The Riberalves Group winery, which opened its doors five years ago, won the Special Award at the annual gala held by the Revista de Vinhos magazine


Torres Vedras, February 15th 2016


The AdegaMãe, a winemaking and wine tourism project born into the Riberalves Group that was launched five years ago, has been elected Company of the Year 2015. The winery won one of the Special Awards at the Revista de Vinhos Annual Gala, a trend-setting event within the Portuguese market.


Opened in 2011, the AdegaMãe is a project developed by the Alves family to give substance to their passion for all wine and vineyard related activities. It is Riberalves Group investment in a new business segment, and in itself a tribute to Manuela Alves — the matriarch — on behalf of the Alves family. The concept of “Mãe” (mother) comes as an inspiration for a place of birth and creation; a place conceived to make the best of the best grapes in order to produce the best wines.


We had our first harvest in 2010 and in 2011 we finally opened our winery; to prove worthy of this recognition just five years since we first started makes us feel really proud and pleased, but it also increases our responsibility. We’ll surely keep treading the path of quality and originality, as we look to achieve wide appreciation towards Portuguese wines and the new Lisboa Wine Region”, says general manager Bernardo Alves. “We’d like to thank the Revista de Vinhos, all our partners, friends, and we’d specially like to thank the consumers who let our wines into their lives. On a personal note, I’d also like to thank everyone of our team. They’re the ones making AdegaMãe stronger”, concludes Bernardo Alves.


The AdegaMãe winemaking team — consisting of Anselmo Mendes (one of the most renowned Portuguese winemakers) and Diogo Lopes (one of the brightest winemakers of the new generation) — makes sure to keep AdegaMãe wines original and expressive of its «terroir», a stone’s throw away from Torres Vedras. The proximity to the ocean — vineyards are a mere 7 km from sea — lends AdegaMãe wines a very peculiar and natural freshness and acidity. The Atlantic influence, the orography of the property, the calcareous clay soils and the use of selected grape varieties allow for the production of quality, modern and unique wines and make AdegaMãe standout on both national and international levels — 60% of sales volume originates from exports.


In 2015, keeping with the strategy of producing quality, affordable wines, AdegaMãe presented nine new white wines, launching a range that sets out to be one of the best and most complete within the Portuguese market. Seven new red wines were also presented. Among these wines we find the high-end Dory Reserve Red and Dory Reserve White, wines that were awarded 92 points in the June issue of the prestigious American magazine Wine Enthusiast.


Born into the Riberalves Group, the AdegaMãe effortlessly inherits the memory of a country passionate about codfish fishery and all the history within. This is where the “Dory” brand comes from: a tribute to the Portuguese cod fisherman who, throughout the centuries, caught the “fiel amigo” (“faithful friend”) rummaging through northern seas in their small boats — “dories” — as they fished by line.


As a place of creation, a celebration of life and of the best life has to offer, the AdegaMãe winery was conceived with the purpose of fulfilling both productive and touristic functions. The AdegaMãe is a wine tourism reference within the Lisboa Wine Region. Its infrastructure, designed by architect Pedro Mateus and often referred to as one of the most unique Portuguese wineries, sits into the surrounding landscape and provides a belvedere from which to take in the view of vineyards stretching far out of sight. A visit to the AdegaMãe is in itself an thrilling architectural experience.


On AdegaMãe 

AdegaMãe opened its doors in 2011, the result of an investment in a new business segment by the Riberalves Group, as well as a tribute to matriarch Manuela Alves on behalf of the Alves family. The concept of “Mãe” (mother) comes as an inspiration for a place of birth and creation; a place conceived to make the best of the best grapes and wines. Located in the Torres Vedras municipality, AdegaMãe shows a clear vocation for the production of unique wines due to its proximity to the sea and the influence of the Atlantic climate. AdegaMãe is also a wine tourism reference within the region. Its exclusive architecture and the variety of activities that take place around the vineyards and the wine itself make it stand out. As part of the Riberalves Group, the Dory brand (inspired by the dories, old boats used by the Portuguese to fish cod) represents the main range of its wines. Nearly 60% of sales volume originates from exports.




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