Evoking the Dory brand. AdegaMãe presents new harvest wines aboard the Creoula

Evoking the Dory brand. AdegaMãe presents new harvest wines aboard the Creoula

* At a special event aboard the Creoula — an old codfishing ship that first inspired Dory’s brand image — AdegaMãe presented new wines that will soon be available on the market. Freshness and gastronomical potential are the prevailing elements in the new Dory harvests, great wines conceived for daily consumption and especially well suited for summer gastronomy.

The label says it all: a Portuguese fisherman relying on its dory, fishing for cod, and the Creoula codfishing ship in the distance. Last weekend, on board of the Creoula, which nowadays is part of the Portuguese Navy fleet, AdegaMãe hosted a preview of the new harvest wines from its reference brand: Dory. Fresh and of Atlantic inspiration, these wines also evoke cod fishing, not least because AdegaMãe is part of the Riberalves Group.

João Alves, precisely the founder of Riberalves, and his youngest son, Bernardo Alves (who took over this new business) welcomed their partners and friends with the new Dory White 2015 and Dory Red 2014 that have just landed on the market. This was an utterly symbolic event that took place aboard the Creoula, one of the many ships that took part of The Tall Ships Race, a competition that had in AdegaMãe its official winery. It was the perfect setting to present the new harvest wines of the Dory brand, the most popular of brands from this Torres Vedras winery, renowned for its quality and affordability. The purpose of this brand is clear: to become a reference within the market of daily-consumption wines.

“The Dory are flagship wines for the AdegaMãe. Despite being a fairly recent project, the AdegaMãe has been getting a lot of praise. It has been acknowledged as the Company of the Year in the wine sector. We have a very precise goal: to guarantee that the Dory brand, which has been praised for its quality, becomes a great national brand. The potential is there and we will do what it takes in order to fulfill it”, says Bernardo Alves.

Diogo Lopes, winemaker at the AdegaMãe, highlights the versatility and gastronomical profile of two wines that clearly reflect the Atlantic climate influence. “These are incredibly fresh, tempting wines. Both are perfect pairings for our meals especially in summertime. The Dory White is the perfect match for fish and seafood, while the Dory Red pairs wonderfully with meat and salads”, he explains. “The way we have been developing the Dory wines and the praise they have been getting, both in Portugal and abroad, make us very proud”, says Diogo Lopes before moving on to a technical presentation of each reference:

“Grape varieties Viosinho and Alvarinho — a premiere for this variety — take a decisive role in the Dory Harvest White blend, complete with Arinto and Viognier. The Atlantic expression of our grapes, especially in the case of Viosinho and Alvarinho, highlights notes of iodine and saltiness, very much in line with the profile of previous iterations of this wine, packing extreme freshness, but perhaps now with increased boldness and an even more distinctive trace. This is surely one of the best wines in its segment”.
GRAPE VARIETIES: Viosinho, Alvarinho, Arinto and Viognier
TASTING NOTES: Quite fine and elegant aroma, showing notes of grapefruit, white peach and a hint of minerality. Pronounced Atlantic profile, both intense and refreshing.
GASTRONOMY: Finds an ideal pairing in any sort of fish and seafood. It’s the perfect match for sushi and salads.
Recommended price: 4.5 euros

“The 2014 edition keeps with the idea of reinterpreting our very own Touriga Nacional within an Atlantic framework. This is something we had already tried in 2013, but now it became the main variety in the blend. The fruity, floral and elegant character that comes with the Touriga Nacional take the Dory Red to another level, without letting go any of the defining aspects that were already there: an easy, consensual and inviting wine, that has been welcomed both in Portugal and, for instance, the USA”.
VARIETIES: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Merlot and Syrah
TASTING NOTES: Ruby color. Intense aroma combining notes of violet, wild berries, cassis and bell pepper. Juicy on the palate, its fruitiness reveals itself. This is a quite elegant and fine wine with inviting tannins.
GASTRONOMY: Ideal pairing for roasted fish, such as cod, and grilled meat.
Recommended price: 4.5 euros

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