AdegaMãe Terroir. The ultimate embodiment of Atlantic wines.

AdegaMãe Terroir. The ultimate embodiment of Atlantic wines.

· AdegaMãe presents its first top-of-the-range wines and launches a new wine category in Lisbon aiming to achieve the most discerning expression of the Atlantic terroir.
· Outstanding harvest were the backbone of the new AdegaMãe Terroir Red 2012 and AdegaMãe Terroir White 2013 — and these wines will only be sold in outstanding years.
· AdegaMãe Terroir will be priced at 39 euros; AdegaMãe also launched the new harvests Dory Reserva Red and Dory Reserva White.

All is new on the western front. Six years after its first harvest, AdegaMãe — 2015 Company of the Year in the wine sector — accomplishes yet another goal as it is set to launch its new top-of-the-range wines. The Torres Vedras winery presents the highest level within its range, premiering the AdegaMãe Terroir brand. The ultimate embodiment of AdegaMãe is born; the ultimate embodiment of the astonishing Atlantic terroir is born; a new sort of wine is born in the Lisbon Wine region.

This is a moment for exclusivity. The Terroir brand is all about conceiving unique wines: because of its complexity, quality and the whole trajectory from the vineyard to the winery. These are signature wines, estate-bottled wines designed by the winemaking team of Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes, and uniquely bottled after outstanding harvests — and these wines will only be produced in outstanding years. The first references to be put on the market are the AdegaMãe Terroir Red 2012 and the AdegaMãe Terroir White 2013. These are exclusive wines with limited editions of 3006 (red) and 2765 (white) bottles, each of them numbered to highlight its uniqueness, which will be sold at the recommended price of 39 euros.

Besides both AdegaMãe Terroir newcomers, AdegaMãe is also launching the new Dory Reserva Red 2013 and the Dory Reserva White 2013, updating harvest wines that have become a reference in their segment (12 euros). “This is an important moment for AdegaMãe. Besides updating our Dory Reserva, we are finally launching the most extraordinary reference within our range, the AdegaMãe Terroir. We needed time to take this step and we have to say it makes us very proud. We believe these are great wines that will bring incredible value to AdegaMãe’s portfolio. We hope they will eventually set an example in excellence for the extraordinary Lisbon Wine Region”, sums up general manager Bernardo Alves.

The terroir and the wines according to the winemaking team
An orography comprised of hills, calcareous-clay soils of alkaline reaction, the Atlantic climate; the national and international varieties that best adapted to the region, and the techniques and influence of men. These are the traits that help define the “ultimate embodiment of the western terroir” according to the winemaking team. This is the region where the AdegaMãe wines are born. Diogo Lopes, winemaker at AdegaMãe, presents the new top-of-the-range wines:

AdegaMãe Terroir Red 2012
The 2011 harvest went down in history as one of the best in the national context. But for AdegaMãe the 2012 harvest wasn’t behind. Quite the contrary, it brought an even more interesting production. Thanks to a mild year that didn’t see extreme climate and felt more balanced in the last stage of the cycle, the vineyards at AdegaMãe achieved a perfect maturation, meeting the necessary conditions that allowed for the grapes to express their best features, especially considering the goal was to achieve a genuine expression of this Atlantic-influenced terroir.

“We identified the best plots and decided to go for a hand-picked harvest, selecting the best bunches. Once at the winery, we developed each variety in different barrels, even to the point of trying out wood from different forests. Later we kept track of the evolution of each combination and identified the barrels that stood out to produce the blend for this wine,” says Diogo Lopes. “We believe this to be an exceptional wine, a red wine that has a very uncommon feature in its minerality. I’d say this is an incredible exercise in balance. Its acidity and alcohol content make for a very balanced wine,” sums up Diogo Lopes.
VARIETIES: Touriga Nacional and Merlot
TASTING NOTES: Very complex with hints of resin, mineral and black fruit. Vigorous and structured on the palate, showing ripe and intense tannins, perfectly matched with wood. Long and persistent finish.
Recommended price: 39 euros

AdegaMãe Terroir White 2013
The experiments that were conducted from the very first harvest at AdegaMãe in 2010 allowed the winemaking team to get to know the way grape varieties behaved in each plot. This was how the best grapes for a top-of-the-range white wine were picked. That wine is now being launched, the product of a blend that, according to the winemaking team, embodies the genuine traits of a Lisbon wine: minerality, freshness and even salinity.

“In winemaking, time is the wisest counselor. We have extraordinary vineyards in what comes to producing white wine, but along the years we’ve also come to know which of the varieties and plots convey the distinguishing features of the region. The grapes we used for the AdegaMãe Terroir White all come from calcareous plots that allow for the pronounced Atlantic identity one finds in these wines”, says Diogo Lopes. “This white wine will take us to new territory, to a place of great complexity. This is a mineral wine of pronounced maritime influence with a dash of salinity. The wood is noticeable, but balanced” ends Diogo Lopes.
VARIETIES: Viosinho, Alvarinho and Arinto
TASTING NOTES: Complex, mineral and smoked aroma. Voluminous on the palate, this is an unctuous wine with steady acidity and a salty finish.
Recommended price: 39 euros

New Dory Reserva Red and Dory Reserva White
Besides the new top-of-the-range wines, AdegaMãe also launched the new harvest wines Dory Reserva Red and Dory Reserva White:

Dory Reserva Red 2013
The 2013 edition of the Dory Reserva, an emblematic AdegaMãe red wine, is consistent with its usually rich and complex profile. It is based on the blend that was first launched with the 2012 harvest. A blend in which Touriga Nacional plays the main role and is complemented with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. “Yet again, this is a complex and structured wine, with a fine aging potential. This is a worthy successor of previous harvests, an elegant wine. We’re still developing the Dory Reserva as a reference among the great red wines in the Lisboa Region and the best red wines nationally in the segment priced just over 10 euros. A segment in which our country has produced truly incredible wines,” says Diogo Lopes.
VARIETIES: Touriga Nacional, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.
TASTING NOTES: Ruby color. Combines notes of violet, bell pepper and spices. Ripe and well-integrated fruit. Fine presence on the palate, notes of fruit resurface. Elegant finish.
Recommended price: 12 euros

Dory Reserva White 2014
The Dory Reserva White 2014 presents an important new aspect regarding its predecessor, losing the Arinto variety. Because of its behavior and quality, the Viosinho gained prominence in the main AdegaMãe blends and continues to be the predominant variety in this wine, combined with Alvarinho and Chardonnay. “This white wine is aged in 400 liter barrels, but now the wood itself has aged and therefore is more discrete, highlighting the authenticity of the varieties, their minerality and salinity. The year itself was more balanced, which explains the decrease in alcohol content, rewarding us with extra fruitiness and freshness. I believe we took an important step with this Dory Reserva White, just like we previously did with the Dory Harvest White, in making it one of the best white wines in its segment”, punctuates Diogo Lopes.
VARIETIES: Viosinho, Alvarinho and Chardonnay.
TASTING NOTES: Yellow citrus color. Utter aromatic richness showing notes of stone, pear and honey. An elegant ensemble, with cohesive notes of barrel. Intense finish reveals some minerality.
Recommended price: 12 euros

On AdegaMãe

AdegaMãe is the result of an investment in a new business segment by the Riberalves Group. It was presented as a tribute to matriarch Manuela Alves on behalf of the Alves family. The concept of “Mãe” (mother) comes as an inspiration for a place of birth and creation; a place conceived to make the best of the best grapes and wines. Located in the Torres Vedras municipality, AdegaMãe shows a clear vocation for the production of unique wines due to its proximity to the sea and the influence of the Atlantic climate. AdegaMãe is also a wine tourism reference within the region. Its exclusive architecture and the variety of activities that take place around the vineyards and the wine itself make it stand out.

As part of the Riberalves Group, the Dory brand (inspired by the dories, old boats used by the Portuguese to fish cod) represents the main range of its wines. Since its first harvest in 2010, AdegaMãe has received praise both in the national and international market to which 60% of sales volume is currently channeled. In 2015 AdegaMãe was named “Company of the Year” in the Portuguese wine sector by the Revista dos Vinhos magazine.

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