2014 AdegaMãe Terroir: a white wine conveying the excellence of the Atlantic expression

2014 AdegaMãe Terroir: a white wine conveying the excellence of the Atlantic expression

  • An exquisite wine strictly bottled in outstanding years and the utmost expression of our terroir, the new edition of the White AdegaMãe Terroir hails from the 2014 harvest and will be launched before the end of the year. AdegaMãe will also launch a new white varietal wine (Arinto 2016) and its first references from the best red wine harvest that AdegaMãe ever held: the 2015 Touriga Nacional and Pinot Noir.

Summer of 2014. Viticulture at AdegaMãe is as near to perfect as can be. Everything is going according to plan. It rains when rain is needed and a very interesting fermentation starts to take place. The winemaking team is excited about the prospect of working these grapes. White varieties are harvested first, even in the most calcareous plots, which are known to be the most differentiating when it comes to channel the AdegaMãe western terroir. And, unexpectedly, rain starts pouring.

It was always going to be a challenge for the grapes that were still in the vineyard. But for the ones that made it to the winery, conditions seemed just about perfect. Even though at the time we could not be certain, a new edition of the White AdegaMãe Terroir was coming to fruition. The high-end white wine in the AdegaMãe range is only bottled in exceptional years. After the first 2013-harvested edition, a new Terroir was coming our way. With all the productive process finally coming to an end, it is now time to announce that the 2014 AdegaMãe Terroir White is about to hit the market.

Conveying the highest expression of the Western terroir, in an exclusive and numbered edition of just 2667 bottles, the new 2014 AdegaMãe White Terroir began to unfold in December 2014 after the winemakers at AdegaMãe identified the stand-out varieties among several 400-litre French oak barrels. The best barrels were selected and submitted to a one-year aging process. The wine was bottled in 2015 after blending, and then submitted to an additional two years of bottle aging.


” This profile remains pretty much in line with the idea of conveying the utmost expression of our Atlantic-influenced terroir. This is our most distinctive and complex wine, showing the notes of minerality and salinity that make it stand out. After the 2013 harvest, this is yet another wine that can be hailed as a reference within the Portuguese white wine market”, says winemaker Diogo Lopes.


AdegaMãe launches varietal Arinto from the 2016 harvest

In this end of year, AdegaMãe launches a new reference within its range of white varietal wines: the 2016 AdegaMãe Arinto. A long-sought wine – due to the significance of this variety in the Lisboa region- that during this harvest finally attained the profile the winemaking team were aiming at. “This is an iconic variety in the region, so we knew we didn`t  want to simply launch yet another Lisbon Arinto. We were looking for the most genuine and differentiating profile this variety could deliver in our terroir, and we finally found it… It`s quite Atlantic, keeping with its citric notes, but also showing a natural acidity and that salinity hint one tends to find in our wines” explains Diogo Lopes.


Touriga Nacional and Pinot Noir offer a glimpse into the great 2015 harvest

Among the new references, AdegaMãe will also be launching the first wines from the memorable 2015 harvest- the best red harvest that ever took place at AdegaMãe. The 2015 Touriga Nacional and Pinot Noir will hit the market first.

“The 2015 AdegaMãe reds will start to emerge. These are extraordinary wines from a year in which everything went according to plan both in viticulture and winemaking. This Touriga Nacional seems to be quite interesting, with its flowery notes and muscular but round tannins. This is a wine with great character, following a 10-month aging process in second and third year barrels, which allowed integrating the wood in a most discrete fashion. This wine proves that the Touriga Nacional can also be an exceptional variety in Lisboa” says Diogo Lopes.


“Our Pinot Noir has always been a tremendous success because the variety adapted amazingly well to our fresh terroir. With the 2015 harvest we have yet another great wine to show, not least because of the way the year unfolded. It was harvested quite early and, with its sylvan notes, but very elegant and seductive, its profile sits midway between old European and New World Pinots. This is the most successful of the red varietals at AdegaMãe”, ends Diogo Lopes.



2014 AdegaMãe Terroir White

Complex aroma, both mineral and smoky. Voluminous and unctuous on the palate, balanced with firm acidity. Finish delivers a perceptible saltiness.

Price: 40€

2016 AdegaMãe Arinto

Shows aroma of orange blossom. Utterly mineral, combining flint and wet stone. Quite refreshing on the palate, with joyous acidity and a lemony finish.

Price: 8,50€

2015 AdegaMãe Touriga Nacional

Deep ruby colour. The aroma is quite typical of this variety, with floral notes standing out. Combines its toasty character with a hint of black fruit. Intense on the palate, this well-structured wine delivers fine tannins. Long finish.

Price: 8,50€

2015 AdegaMãe Pinot Noir

Notes of wild berries. Slightly spicy. Remarkably fresh and elegant on the palate. Silky tannins, vibrant finish.

Price: 8,50€

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