Portugal is a small country with a total area of 92 072 km² and 10.5 thousand inhabitants, located in the western strip of the Iberian Peninsula and therefore under strong influence of the Ocean and the Atlantic climate.

In terms of climate, the Portuguese year is generally defined as a Humid Temperate climate with a dry summer or a Mediterranean climate in the South, Inland and Douro regions; and as a Humid Temperate climate with a dry and temperate summer in the North, Center and the Alentejo coastline regions; some areas within the Beja district are found to be under an arid or steppe climate.

Annual average temperature in the mainland ranges from 12 °C in the northern mountainous interior to 18 °C in the south on the Guadiana river basin.

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AdegaMãe sits on the western strip of the territory and everything about it ties back to the defining conditions of the region. The nearness of the Atlantic Ocean and the nature of the soil itself allow for the creation of decidedly original wines, showing a refreshing natural acidity and a mineral character.

  • 40 km away from Lisbon;
  • Vineyards under the influence of Atlantic climate;
  • Calcareous clay soil;
  • Mineral wines showing a refreshing natural acidity.


Climate, calcareous soils, orography of the property and the investment in great grape varieties, both national and international, allow AdegaMãe to develop unique, truly surprising wines with a particular character.

// Atlantic vineyards

A mere 10 km away from the sea, these vineyards fully express the personality and subtlety of white wine grape varieties: Viosinho, Alvarinho and Chardonnay.

// Hillside vineyards

Prone to induce a deeper maturation, these vineyards convey all the potential for nobility and harmony in red wine grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.



AdegaMãe is home to approximately 40 hectares of vineyards. Its production capacity is somewhere near 1,5 million liters per year. In its cellar, white, red and rosé wines are produced.

The productive infrastructure is equipped with modern and sophisticated machinery, combining cutting-edge technology and traditional approach. Inside the ‘Time room’ — a section of the cellar devoted to ageing wines of noble character — one finds over 150 carefully selected French and American Oak barrels.

The winemaking team is highly dedicated, specialized and led by winemakers Anselmo Mendes and Diogo Lopes.


Para avançar deverá ter idade legal para consumir bebidas alcoólicas no país em que se encontra