A winery as a tribute to life

Fulfilling the vision of one of the Riberalves Group founders, the AdegaMãe project is born, a tribute to the men of the Alves family and also to the matriarch: Manuela Alves. This project is a tribute to life.
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The Dory brand is born

While still under construction, the first harvest arrives at the AdegaMãe estate. Production of the first wines begins and the Dory brand quickly becomes a house standard. The brand speaks of the ancient boats that Portuguese fishermen used to fish cod.
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An historical harvest

Most Portuguese wine regions are blessed with quality harvests. Lisbon and the AdegaMãe are no exception. The winemaking AdegaMãe team identifies standout varieties and begins the preparation of the very first varietal wines under the AdegaMãe brand.
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The official opening

The AdegaMãe is officially inaugurated in a ceremony that is attended by the Minister of Agriculture Assunção Cristas amongst other celebrities. From this point on, this 5 million euros investment finds itself among the group of national wineries that double as architectural landmarks.
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The first medals

Harvested in 2010, the first Reserva Red by AdegaMãe lands on the market and asserts itself by means of its quality. The Revista de Vinhos magazine awards it a «Good buy» medal. This distinction, awarded by the tasting panel of the most prominent Portuguese publication on wine, will soon become frequent through all of AdegaMãe’s wine range.
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AdegaMãe at the Venice Biennale

The 2010 Dory Reserva Red and the varietal 2012 Viosinho are selected to represent the Lisbon region in the opening of the Trafaria Praia project by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos at the Venice Biennale.
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AdegaMãe at RTP

AdegaMãe is already a reference among the best wineries of the country and is chosen by national television (RTP) to feature in Verdade do Vinho. Hosted by reporters Luís Baila and Sónia Araújo, this show introduces its viewers to some of the most important projects in the wine industry and wine tourism of each region in the country.
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The investment in Lisbon

What if Lisbon drank its own wine? AdegaMãe exports 60% of its production but is equally interested in investing in the Portuguese market. By the end of the year AdegaMãe managed to sell 130 thousand bottles for restaurants in Lisbon, doubling the figures of the previous year.
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International recognition

AdegaMãe’s Dory range is praised in the pages of the Wine Enthusiast. This magazine awarded 92 points to both the 2011 Reserva Red and the 2013 Reserva White.
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The first bubbly

In a year of great harvest, AdegaMãe announces the launch of its first sparkling wine. At about the same time, the production record is broken. Grape production surpasses the million kilos mark, which translates in 750 thousand bottles of wine. A couple of weeks after the harvest, the new range is presented.
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The AdegaMãe was born out of a passion that has always been at the core of the Riberalves Group: wine. Supported by a modern and innovative architectural project, the AdegaMãe is a strong investment in both the wine industry and wine tourism.

As far as production is concerned, what’s special about AdegaMãe is that it invests in genuine wines that are expressive of the unique characteristics of the Lisbon Region, very much defined by its Atlantic influence.

AdegaMãe Dia da Mãe


Camada 17


 According to architect Pedro Mateus, the concept behind AdegaMãe “is inspired by its surrounding landscape, by the recurring waviness of the rolling hills”. Such “wealth of matter” was put to use in two ways:

// Opposition and contrast

“Facing such a wavy landscape, it wouldn’t make any sense for us to conceive a place that would somehow emulate the context this estate is a part of. Therefore, by opposition and contrast, we decided to design a pure form, a rectangular prism ‘nestled’ on the slope”.

// Framing the matter

“From the very beginning, one of the premises we always kept on our minds while designing the building was that it should double as a gigantic frame for this natural canvas; complying with this expressed intention eventually led us to a predominantly horizontal and serene projection.”

Camada 18


Architect Pedro Mateus mentions that, while visiting the property, “it became clear that the winery should be conceived in such a way that it would function as a belvedere and thus allow visitors to enjoy the scenery”. “Honoring the site and its surroundings, and combining them with the purpose of the winery itself as an infrastructure (optimized for production of 1,5 million liters of wine per year) we chose to ‘insert’ a 75 meter wide and 45 meter deep rectangle into the slope, East of the property driveway”.

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