The Atlantic Ocean is our inspiration

Our wines reflect this Atlantic influence, which translates into a very special freshness and acidity; at the same time, they offer excellent minerality, resulting from the predominantly clay-limestone soils.

We are 40 Km north of Lisbon, a step away from the sea, in an area of moderate temperatures and constant sea breezes.

Our accumulated experience has allowed us to invest our efforts in the grape varieties better suited to this unique terroir.

Near the sea, up to the mountain chain that extends through the Montejunto-Estrela mountain system – that is where we planted our vineyards with white grape varieties. This is an especially cool region, with moderate temperatures, mild summers and constant ocean breezes.

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Our red wines, on the other hand, are born in a more continental terroir, in vineyards sheltered by the mountain chain, where the climate provides wider temperature variations, warmer summers and early maturation. It is precisely there that we grow our red grape varieties, and they too are an expression of freshness and minerality, and always with great elegance.

Right next to Lisbon, are produced some truly genuine and surprising wines.

At the gates of Lisbon, truly genuine and surprising wines are born.

We were born in a region with a century-long tradition in viticulture. What motivates us is the genuine expression of such a special terroir, which contributes to the dynamics of the Lisbon Wine Region, with all its quality and originality.