An inspiring nature

Simple and noble. Built serenelly and fitting perfectly into the landscape, like a scenic viewpoint to the vineyards. Designed from scratch to fulfil the double function of production and wine tourism, AdegaMãe is an architectural reference, considered as one of the most beautiful wine cellars in Portugal.

“Towards a wavy landscape, it made no sense to design a building in all similar to its surroundings. Instead, by opposition and contrast, a pure form was proposed, a rectangular prism fit on the hillside,” explained the architect, Pedro Mateus.

Pedro Mateus, the architect responsible for the AdegaMãe design, was inspired by the surrounding landscape, marked by the wavy hills and worked on that “very rich” element, as he considered it, by opposition and contrast. And so, a unique infrastructure was born, being highlighted for its beauty and modernity.

“One of the premises we were given was that AdegaMãe should function as a huge frame for this magnificent natural painting; in a way, it is the answer to this deepest desire that ends up inspiring its markedly horizontal and serene image,” he concludes.

Today, AdegaMãe is, in itself, a tribute to its author, unfortunately no longer with us.

Thank you, Pedro Mateus!