AdegaMãe and the Prison of Leiria (Youth) launch a partnership for professional development of young prisoners

AdegaMãe and the Prison of Leiria (Youth) launch a partnership for professional development of young prisoners

December 29, 2019

  • Projeto Inclusus, an initiative for the development of professional skills in the field of viticulture and wine production, leads to the launch of a new brand. Inclusus wines (red and white) are already on the market.

Torres Vedras, 25 November 2019

AdegaMãe and the EPL – Prison of Leiria (youth) established a partnership with the aim to reinforce young prisoners’ professional skills in the fields of viticulture and wine production, which also led to the launch of a new brand of wines onto the market. The Inclusus wines, red and white harvests, are already available to consumers and are the result of this project which aims to promote social rehabilitation tools. From viticulture and wine harvest, right through to the final work phase in the wine cellar, the production process of these wines relies on the commitment of the young prisoners.

Project Inclusus began with the 2018 harvest, with the harvested grapes having been used to produce the first wines now placed on the market. The 2019 harvest has already been done, precisely at the Quinta Lagar D’El Rei, a plot under the administration of the EPL, with 3.6 hectares of vineyard. Of the approximately 17 tons of grapes harvested, 9 tons are intended for winemaking at AdegaMãe, in Torres Vedras, producing 8 thousand bottles. To begin with, the wines have been made available for sale at AdegaMãe’s wine shops, at the Prison of Leiria (youth), at Boa Vizinhança stores, at Rato (Lisbon), and at the CVRLisboa (Lisbon Region Wine Commission) in the Mercado da Ribeira, in Lisbon.

“This is a project of great symbolic value for us. AdegaMãe is proud to be associated with EPL and to contribute to the success of the whole social rehabilitation work that has been carried out. In addition to all the collaboration in the production process, the launch of this new brand of wines, Inclusus, is, in itself, away of alerting people to issues related with good practices of social rehabilitation and the future of these young people,” refers Bernardo Alves, the CEO of AdegaMãe.

Joana Patuleia, director of the prison, says that it is “a very important partnership for the Prison of Leiria (youth), considering that professional training in the field of viticulture and the increase in job opportunities as its main strengths, focusing, above everything, on the enhancement of young people through their work, thus contributing to the success of their social rehabilitation.”

The wines already launched onto the market are the following:

Inclusus Red 2018 | Target Price: €3.99

Grape Varieties: Castelão and Aragonez

Tasting Notes: Bright ruby colour. Intense nose with fresh fruit, wild berries and slight floral notes. Very soft palate with greedy tannins. Easy and straightforward.

Inclusus White 2018 | Target Price: €3.99

Vine Varieties: Fernão Pires and Arinto

Tasting Notes: Citrus aroma with slight tropical note. Balanced palate with a refreshing acidity.