The perfect celebration of the 8th anniversary. AdegaMãe announces a new edition of the top-of-the-range AdegaMãe TERROIR

The perfect celebration of the 8th anniversary. AdegaMãe announces a new edition of the top-of-the-range AdegaMãe TERROIR

30 DECEMBER 2019

Maximum expression of the West of Portugal terroir, marked by the Atlantic influence, AdegaMãe Terroir wines are back, with all their originality and complexity. Released only on special years, these new editions, exclusive and numbered, are back on the market!

Torres Vedras, 23 November 2019

These are unique wines, distinguished by their originality and complexity. They are the ultimate expression of the West of Portugal terroir, marked by its cool climate of Atlantic influence. They are produced from the best grapes of the best plots of AdegaMãe’s vineyards and, after maturing in the cellar, are taken from selected barrels – chosen for their quality and differentiation. They are, therefore, exclusive wines, produced only on very special years! Now, on its 8th anniversary, AdegaMãe proposes the perfect celebration, announcing new editions of its top-of-the-range wines. The new AdegaMãe Terroir Red 2015 and AdegaMãe Terroir White 2016 have arrived!

With an edition of only 3,274 (Red) and 1,761 (White) bottles, all numbered – proof of exclusivity and distinction – the new AdegaMãe Terroir are arriving on the market, a return only possible thanks to the gathering of the perfect conditions, between the evolution in the vineyard and at the winery. “It is the wines themselves that decide, really. We look, of course, for the best expression of the grape varieties and plots that stand out over the years, but, in the end, we select, barrel to barrel, the wines which, by their complexity and potential, clearly surprise us. Therefore, in these wines, more than mentioning plots or grape varieties, it makes more sense to speak of the best expression that the terroir affords us. That is how we arrive at this exclusive number of bottles. No more, no less, the wine decides.” explains the oenologist, Diogo Lopes.

The AdegaMãe Terroir Red 2015 was produced, in global terms, from the best red grape harvest ever had at AdegaMãe. “Following a year of well-balanced maturations, providing superb quality grapes, we obtained a wine of great elegance, proving that the Lisbon terroir also produces amazing red wines,” says Diogo Lopes. The new AdegaMãe Terroir White 2016 is the result of a selection of barrels with 100% national identity wines, which stood out for their complexity, integrating the freshness, minerality and salinity, so characteristic of AdegaMãe’s terroir. “It is a very original wine and, in line with previous editions, we believe that it may enter the batch of the great white wines of Portugal,” adds Diogo Lopes.

The AdegaMãe Terroir wines now announced are the successors to the editions launched in 2013 (Red), and 2013 and 2014 (White). Here are the new wines, in detail:

AdegaMãe Terroir Red 2015

Vinification: Manual wine harvest into 18 Kg boxes. Total destemming. Pre-fermentation maceration for 2 days. Fermentation at controlled temperature for 15 days. 18-month ageing in new French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: Very complex. Resin, mineral and black fruit notes. Vigorous palate, with good structure. Ripe and intense tannins. Well mixed with wood. Lingering and lasting finish.

Target Price: €40.00

AdegaMãe Terroir White 2016

Vinification: Total destemming, gentle pressing, cold decanting, fermentation in 400 litre French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: Complex aroma, mineral and smoky. Voluminous palate, unctuous, firm acidity and saline finish.

Target Price: €40.00