Harvest 2020. Balanced and production record year at AdegaMãe.

Harvest 2020. Balanced and production record year at AdegaMãe.

September 30, 2020

The harvest season of 2020 has finished, a year of well balanced picking. The wines aging in stainless steal vats as well as the ones aging in oak barrels, with highlight to our atlantic whites, harvested from the vineyards closer to the see, came to confirm once more the fresh and mineral profile that has been distinguishing them.

The global production is a record (1 million and 700 thousand kgs), being slightly superior to the previous year, registering only a slight drop on the red grapes, harvested from our most continental vineyards, on Alequer side, where the heat from August damaged some fruit.

Thanks to a less harsh Winter, with the vegetative cycle starting earlier than usual, the ideal maturation points forced the harvest to start earlier as well, trying to preserve as much as possible the characteristics of the grapes that interest for the project.

Main grapes as Viosinho, Arinto and Alvarinho are showing all its quality and already indicate what will be the backbone to our most emblematic wine, Dory White.