Vital Vinhas Velhas. The Secret of the Montejunto Mountain

Vital Vinhas Velhas. The Secret of the Montejunto Mountain

July 19, 2021

AdegaMãe presents the first in a series of new single-vineyard wines: a Vital varietal hailing from a 40-year-old vineyard in the heart of the Montejunto Mountain

In the heart of the Montejunto Mountain, on a west-facing slope near the villages of Avenal and Pereiro, a plot of Vital vines planted more than 40 years ago resists the harsh climate. This beautiful and hardy plot stands out among the abandoned vineyards in the region.

This is a small treasure, taking into consideration the specificity of the variety itself (difficult viticulture), its rarity (it is stated that only 20 hectares of this variety currently exist in the country), the region (the Montejunto is one of the iconic terroirs associated with this variety) and… the wines it can deliver.

After establishing a partnership with the owner of the vineyard, a local farmer, in 2018 AdegaMãe used these grapes for vinification for the first time. Winemaker Diogo Lopes oversaw several fermentation and ageing tests, experimenting with oak barrels and a concrete egg. The wine AdegaMãe is now launching under the name of 2018 AdegaMãe Vital Vinhas Velhas is a selection of those experiments.

This is the first old vine wine from the Torres Vedras estate but also the highlight in a new range of single-vineyard wines that, after 10 years of gained experience at AdegaMãe, is now coming to life.

“Complexity might be the word that best describes Vital. This variety is known for being difficult and that is why it has been gradually abandoned. But it can lead to extraordinary wines, wines of outstanding evolution. Three years after these grapes were harvested in 2018, our first experiments are now beginning to really unfold” says winemaker Diogo Lopes.

“I believe this is a very special wine and that it will help promote the variety and, particularly, the outstanding viticulture job of senhor Delfim, our producer, who accepted to be a part of this very special partnership with AdegaMãe. With this varietal we can launch in the best possible way a new range of single-vineyard wines soon to be unveiled.”

2018 AdegaMãe Vital Vinhas Velhas


Tasting notes:

Enticing lemon-straw colour; a rich aromatic profile made possible by the old vine it comes from. The nose boasts a mix of floral aromas, white fruit and a hint of gunpowder that brings the aromatic richness to the fore; dry wine, with refreshing acidity; great texture on the palate provides layers of complexity and delivers a rich, full and balanced finish.

Recommended price: € 20

Production: 3000 bottles